SitePro DT05 Digital Theodolite

  • Incremental encoding detection system with dual digital displays for easy to read precise readouts
  • 30-power telescope provides a bright wide field of view and the built-in 3x optical plummet enables quick and easy setups
  • 5-second precise vertical and horizontal accuracy and readout with available 1-second display option
  • Simple push button functions provide all the information in degrees or percentage
  • Automatic power shut-off
  • Optical plummet for centering of point
  • Coaxial tangent and clamp screws provide ease of use in sighting and alignment functions
  • Built-in battery pack can be attached and detached by a single action
  • Water resistant, sealed construction


Specifications DT05 Transit/Theodolite

Magnification:          30X

Resolving Power:   3.5"

Minimum Focus:    4.27'(1.3m)

Angular Accuracy:  5sec

Stadia Ratio:           1:1000

Tilt Sensor:              Yes, +/- 3min

DT05 Transit/Theodolite


26-DT05 Contents

  • Digital Transit, Sunshade, Tool Kit, Rain Cover, Drying Cloth, Plumb Bob, Carrying Case, Rechargeable Battery Pack/Charger, Alkaline Battery Tray, User Manual
  • Cross-Axis Leveling– allows grade matching for basic slope work, while maintaining accuracy in the cross-slope
  • Vertical Self-Leveling with Laydown
  • Green Beam for Superior Indoor Visibility